Friday, August 23, 2013

Workouts and sunbathing are good for the brain

I'm following Paleo related news these days. I found this one interesting.

Gym workouts and sunbathing do more for your brain than crosswords and Mozart

Doing puzzles and listening to classical music might improve your concentration momentarily, but they don’t actually make you any smarter. That is, they don’t improve your long-term brain function, according to The Economist’s interview of Nicholas Spitzer, a professor of neuroscience at the University of California and editor-in-chief of
“Let me dispel a brain development myth,” Spitzer told The Economist. “Many people think classical music is going to enhance brain function (the Mozart effect) or playing particular games sharpens one’s cognitive function. These theories have been looked at in detail and they don’t stand up. It is disappointing in a way, but what we have learned is that exercise is the key thing for brain function.”

Sunbathing is easy. I'll do that!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Slow progress, but progress none the less!

Four of the last five days were below the 200 mark for my morning blood sugar reading. Two of my low readings dipped down into the 140s. I can see the progress. Hell, I can feel the progress. I've stuck to my guns on diet, and meds. Exercise is hit and miss. There are times that I simply cannot keep my eyes open, so getting the miles in is hard. I'm feeling better this week than last week. I feel better today than I did yesterday. I am making progress, and that is a good thing.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Learning to love less

The key for me is to want less. Less food, less snacks, and less drinks. I don't mean less volume (big meals, I mean less overall eating, snacking, and drinking. If I do that things work well and I am able to maintain steady downward pressure on my blood sugar readings. I eat three times a day and use a very narrow range of food. Today is a good example, eggs and buttered veggies for breakfast, Campenchana for lunch, and lamb chops, shrimp and buttered veggies for dinner. I take the Camenchana without Katchup, so as to avoid the sugar. I eat a high fat, protein and low carb. When I eat like this, my numbers fall. I'm down 100 points in a week. It is simple… If it's simple, why am I having trouble with my blood sugar? d'oh!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A day of stability

I went to work today and made it through the whole day without falling asleep or feeling like hell. The afternoon was a bit rough, but I managed by getting up walking about. My blood sugar hung around 250 the whole day, which is odd, because it normally fluctuates in a 100 point range. My mental ability were a little foggy. I was slower than normal at a few things that I normally do well. I picked up as the day went on. I was able to cook for myself at home today for breakfast, which helped me keep my carb count down to near zero. Lunch was a Greek salad with shrimp and lamb Georges Greek Cafe. It was amazing food and totally paleo. What I liked was how little it impacted my blood sugar reading and how good it was to eat. It's late in the day as I write this. I have dinner pending and a long walk with my dog. Hopefully, today will bring a lower number.


My fasting blood sugar reading is trending downward. I started the day today with a 30 point drop over yesterday (250). I've been exercising a lot. It's mostly walking though, with no heavy activity. I've stayed on strict low carb/high fat paleo. And, I've taken all meds as ordered. Water consumption seems to help. I'm drinking at least twice as much as before. there seems to be a direct correlation between water consumption and daytime drops in blood sugar readings. I'm off to work today for the first time since last Thursday. I hope I don't fall asleep setting at my desk. I've not weighed myself yet. I'm afraid to look. I'll do it Saturday.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday bloody Sunday

OK… It's a bloody Sunday because I've taken my blood sugar reading so many times that I'm oozing blood from my finger tips. My fasting blood sugar reading was high again at 398. It drooped as low as 270 after meals. It makes for an overall average drop, which is a good thing. 

I stayed on paleo today, and managed to stay on the meds exactly as planned. I'm telling you though, taking a shot an hour before eating is hard to do. 

I woke up today with a headache and the shakes, but they both faded quickly. By the afternoon, I was feeling pretty good. I can tell when the fog lifts because I start thinking again. I started thinking and stopped doing mindless things at about 3:00 pm. 

I fall asleep doing routine tasks, which is new for me. Today it was reading a community newspaper and again while playing TF2. I drop off suddenly and then wake with a start. I spent so time looking for possible drug reactions, but only found an drowsiness listed. 

I will try to go back to work tomorrow. That should be a hoot. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Waking up is hard to do

Today my fasting blood sugar dropped to 281. I woke up with a headache, the shakes, muscle cramps and for the first hour, I was a little dizzy. I was planning on playing disc golf this morning, but the way I'm feeling, it was not possible. I'm opting for a dog walk at the park instead. 

I've managed to hit my meds exactly as prescribed. My food is all low glycemic and Paleo. My daily carb count is 20 or less. 

I'm thinking a little better, although I still tend to lose my concentration without warning. I've taken a few cognitive tests (games) and have scored consistently 20% lower than when I'm in control. The worst was last night, I played a strategy game and just sucked. I cannot believe how dull I feel. 

I was able to go out for dinner with my wife last night. I had 10oz prime rib with lots of spinach, plus deviled eggs.

My plan for today is to get more exercise. It's hard though. I tire quickly. 

More follow...