Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A day of stability

I went to work today and made it through the whole day without falling asleep or feeling like hell. The afternoon was a bit rough, but I managed by getting up walking about. My blood sugar hung around 250 the whole day, which is odd, because it normally fluctuates in a 100 point range. My mental ability were a little foggy. I was slower than normal at a few things that I normally do well. I picked up as the day went on. I was able to cook for myself at home today for breakfast, which helped me keep my carb count down to near zero. Lunch was a Greek salad with shrimp and lamb Georges Greek Cafe. It was amazing food and totally paleo. What I liked was how little it impacted my blood sugar reading and how good it was to eat. It's late in the day as I write this. I have dinner pending and a long walk with my dog. Hopefully, today will bring a lower number.


  1. hey :)
    I just found your blog by searching for a remedy for a bad smoking habit and found your advice to use certain toothpicks, though this post is from a year ago. I really hope they will have an impact on my problems.

    I myself am VLC for more than a year. Not having read all your blogposts though, it might help to take magnesium + potassium tablets extra. I watched my diet closely, ate a lot of meat and eggs etc but since i take this very inexpensive supplement I feel an immediate remission of my former slight dizziness and fatigue after I had worked out, sometimes I could not even find the strength to do so.
    (I am a woman, so no dissing here :)
    Keeping things in balance is so way more difficult for us than it is for men!