Friday, August 16, 2013

Learning to love less

The key for me is to want less. Less food, less snacks, and less drinks. I don't mean less volume (big meals, I mean less overall eating, snacking, and drinking. If I do that things work well and I am able to maintain steady downward pressure on my blood sugar readings. I eat three times a day and use a very narrow range of food. Today is a good example, eggs and buttered veggies for breakfast, Campenchana for lunch, and lamb chops, shrimp and buttered veggies for dinner. I take the Camenchana without Katchup, so as to avoid the sugar. I eat a high fat, protein and low carb. When I eat like this, my numbers fall. I'm down 100 points in a week. It is simple… If it's simple, why am I having trouble with my blood sugar? d'oh!


  1. I can relate. I'm an emotional eater, so even though I enjoy eating healthy, I don't always do it.

  2. Hi, I do LCHF just as you do ("Paleo"). What incredible health benefits!!! If you want to watch this discussion and not just read my notes, it's very easy to join and fascinating!!! Tara Dall is a lipidologist and uses Metformin and discusses it below. (P.S. have you read Wm. Davis, MD's "Wheat Belly"?)

    8/9/13 ROUNDTABLE: Thomas Dayspring at 25:33: "The DPP Study, very good evidence that Metformin will delay the onset of Type II. How do you use it in your practice?" Tara Dall re dosing Metformin: "I'm pretty aggressive - for DIABETES Metformin is one of the worst drugs we have -- but it's awesome in insulin resistance and pre-diabetes. The key is, if we can get at patients when the treatment is cheap and 60-70 percent of their beta cells have NOT failed...Metformin has a GREAT role early on. I tend to use Metformin at maximum doses early. We know that it does NOT cause hypoglycemia, so I put people on the generic extended release Metformin. I find it better tolerated and they take it once a day vs. twice a day because more than once a day, not good compliance otherwise. I give 500 mg (in the prescrip I say 3-4 a day is tolerated right at the beginning, may cause some stomach upset, so after a week of 500, go to 1000, if tolerating that OK, go to 1500, 2000... lowers TGs, can see weight loss esp. at higher doses, decreases in particle count and APO-B. If HgA1c is between 5.7 and 6.4, that's technically considered pre-diabetes, so very appropriate to use it in that setting. Only significant contraindication for Metformin is kidney disease - if they have creatinines over 1.4 I'd watch them. OK to use Metformin in women of child-bearing age, very good for Polycystic ovary disease...

  3. Also wanted to say something about cravings. Reading Gary Taubes is what got me on the Paleo LCHF bandwagon in March of 2010. I'm 59 and am at the weight I was when I got married 34 years ago. How cool is that??? I'm 142, down from 168. I had never "dieted" before and still have never "dieted." I just changed my DIET!!! Gov't has diet exactly backwards.

    I wanted to share some insights from Taubes book "Good Calories Bad Calories" (also the scaled-down version called "Why We Get Fat"): Here they are: Overweight people are NOT "gluttonous" and "lazy." They are storing most of what they eat (i.e. the sugar and high carbs) and this means this so-called "food" they're eating is NOT being used to fuel their bodies, but instead most of it is being stored (as fat). THUS: Because their cells' mitochondria are not being fed the proper fuel (protein and fat), they (both the cells and the person whose cells these are) are STARVING. And because the cells are not being fueled properly, they (the cells and the person whose cells these are) are TIRED. AND prone to illness by the way.

    (Also if you want to see on YouTube what our blood cells look like on sugar vs. NOT on sugar, check out Jorge Cruise's great video "death by sugar." 4 minutes long. Wow, is it worth a look.)